Prof. Philip S. Yu, my Ph.D. supervisor.
Dr. Lifang He, my supervisor during the intern in UIC.
Dr. Chun-Ta Lu, my mentor in during the intern UIC.
Prof. Binxing Fang, my supervisor in BUPT TDCS lab.
Dr. Xiaolong Deng, my co-supervisor in BUPT TDCS lab.
Dr. Xi Zhang, my supervisor during the project.
Prof. Chuan Shi, my mentor in programming.
Dr. Cathryn Peoples, I was a TA of her Computer Networks course.
Ms. Seyhan Gezik, the supervisor during my intern in General Electric.
Pengyang Wang, my collaborator in RecSys Challenge.


Useful Links

Social Analysis Open Source Community(Link): A website containing useful datasets in social analysis and updating algorithms

NLPIR(Link): An online Chinese word segmentation website

eCharts(Link): A  powerful, interactive charting and visualization library for browser

SNAP(Link): Stanford Network Analysis Project at Stanford

AMiner(Link): Global Experts in Microarchitecture

CSRankings(Link): The ranking of top computer science schools according to top conference papers

UCI Datasets(Link): A repository of various datasets

Network Repository(Link): An Interactive Scientific Data Repository

Lightning(Link): A data visualization server

Grouplens(Link): The social computing lab of University of Minnesota