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We share the state-of-the-art works in data mining and machine learning in Chinese on multiple platforms. You can follow us via searching paper_reader (论文收割机) or scan the QR code below (left) on WeChat. We also have a CSDN Blog.

I also host a personal WeChat Public Platform to record my daily life. You can follow it via seaching sbsjjb (随便说几句) or scan QR code below (right) on WeChat.

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Welcome to Chicago!

Here are my traveling tips for Chicago in Chinese.

Useful Links

eCharts(Link): A powerful, interactive charting and visualization library for browser

SNAP(Link): Stanford Network Analysis Project

AMiner(Link): Global Academic Experts in Microarchitecture

CSRankings(Link): The ranking of top computer science schools according to top conference papers

UCI Datasets(Link): A repository of various machine learning datasets

Network Repository(Link): An Interactive Scientific Data Repository

Social Analysis Open Source Community(Link): A website containing useful datasets in social analysis and updating algorithms

NLPIR(Link): An online Chinese word segmentation website

Lightning(Link): A data visualization server

Grouplens(Link): The social computing lab of University of Minnesota