Research Interests


Social Network Analysis, Recommender Systems, Data Mining


Selected Works


◈ Robust Influence Maximization Based on Edge Parameter


We evaluate the robust performance based on the edge parameter calculated by the node centrality. It shows that PageRank algorithm has the optimal influence spread and running time among four centrality measurement methods. We also evaluate the edge parameter in different experiment sets.[PDF]


◈ CPS Model in Opinion Governance and Opinion Collection Model



We design a Cyber-Physical-Society triple domain model to simulate real-world crisis responding situation. By the risk classification method, we have built an efficient CPS Model-based simulated emergency accident replying and handling system. It has been proved useful in some real accidents in China in recent years.[PDF]



◈ GBRT Model with Time Factor in Job Recommendation



Then we introduce a job recommendation model based on Gradient Boosting Regression Tree and time factors (T-GBRT). The T-GBRT model aggregates the time factors into the GBRT to predict personal preferences and adds time factor weight to top-K rankings, with a neighbor based filtering trick in reducing the amount of calculation. The model performs the best in the experiment with four criterions, comparing to other three models, which proves the efficiency of the new model.[PDF]